Ultimate Christmas dinner wines

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If there’s one time in the year you can dream out loud, it’s those dark days before Christmas. And if there’s one time in the year you can splurge, it’s right about now.

Let me share my favorites for the ultimate Christmas dinner experience.


Franciacorta DOCG – The Italian answer to Champagne. Same production method, and taste wise comparable (yeast, fine bubble, crisp citrus fruits).

The Ca’ del Bosco wines are a dream, these versions are retailing under €60,-


Now I’m dreaming away. Last year I’ve visited the Union des Grand Crus Bordeaux tasting in Amsterdam and boy, Bordeaux has some gems when it comes to white too!

The above are oak-aged Sauvignon Blancs. Rich, complex and just the bomb.

Something fresh and higher in acidity that is a classing pairing with fish are your German/Austrian rieslings and grüner veltliners. Don’t rule out the gewürztraminer though, especially if you’re cooking a little spicy…


On to the reds. Are you thirsty yet? Alright let’s dive in.

It’s always good to have an all-rounder on the table. My top picks:

Then ofcourse, since I’m quite a classic gal some solid Bourgogne/Bordeaux picks:


Alright, so basically there’s the classic two-way street you can go-to. Sweet desert wines such as your Sauternes, Monbazillac, etc. OR the Ports/PX of this world.

And yes, they are great! But let me suggest some more exotic choices:

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Merry Christmas! 🎄

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