Italy Practice Exam

Italy Practice Exam


Ultimate exam preparation: more than 100 questions covering:

  • Climate, Soil, Viticulture
  • Vinification, Legislation
  • Regions, Classifications (DOC(G))

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Practice your wine knowledge of Italy. Whether you’re studying for WSET3 or 4 or just a very enthusiast wine lover, with this exam you’ll find out just how much you know about this fascinating wine country!

I know first-hand how tough the theory can be, it’s just an overwhelming amount of facts & figures to know. But trust me, drinking the wine will become more and more fun the more theoretical knowledge you can bring to the table. 

In this exam, we’ll be covering the following topics: 

  • Climate, Soil
  • Viticulture
  • Grape varieties
  • Vinification
  • Regions & Classifications (DOC(G))
    • Aosta Valley
    • Piemonte
    • Lombardy
    • Trentino-Alto Adige
    • Veneto
    • Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    • Emilia-Romagna
    • Liguria
    • Tuscany
    • Umbria
    • Latium
    • Campania
    • Basilicata
    • Calabria
    • Abruzzo
    • Molise
    • Marche
    • Puglia
    • Sicily
    • Sardinia

Note that substantive knowledge is required (min. WSET2 level) in order to successfully pass this practice exam (most institutions require a score around 70%). 

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Since October, I’ve finished the (Dutch) Wine Academy. This closes the opportunities for wine studies in the Netherlands, but allows me to share my knowledge & materials with you! During my studies, I’ve felt the lack of practice exams in the market so with these materials I hope you’ll be able to prepare yourself to the fullest and help me share the love for wine!

Kirsten Hoornstra – Founder Wicked Wines