Wicked Workshops

Corporate events could use a little fun. Spice up your team activity, learn something along the way. 

Your options.

Case for Wine

Your not-so-standard strategy case. How would you run a wine company? How does your team handle unexpected circumstances? 

Get to know your colleagues, use it as a trendy recruitment tool, or just have an educative and fun team event. Obviously, with beautiful wines.  

Rewine & Define

Every team goes through phases where motivation and inspiration are long gone. Days fly by without really knowing it. 

Recognize this? Re-energize, define new goals, and brainstorm new ideas. All paired with beautiful wines, no need to make it too heavy.


Do you have specific business challenges that you want to address? Not looking for something too formal and heavy? I’d love to help you out. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities. 


Keep it private.